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4 Signs That Your Fencing Has Aged Beyond Repair

4 Signs That Your Fencing Has Aged Beyond Repair

A fenced property looks a lot more private, homey, and welcoming than an unfenced one. A house that has a fence around it appears more attractive. However, a fence might do the opposite if it’s old, damaged, and completely worn out.

No matter what type of fence you’ve got, it’s prone to damage since it’s exposed to the environment all the time. You can’t expect it to last forever, can you? If your fence isn’t too damaged, you can always get it repaired and renovated, but if it’s too old and damaged, you’ve got no other option but to get a new one. Trying to fix something that has already aged beyond repair is like throwing your money down the drain.

The question is – how can you tell if the fence is too old to be repaired and that it’s time to get a new one? To answer it, we’ve listed the numerous signs below that will help you decide whether you need to get your fence repaired or replaced.

1.     Rotten Fence

If your fence is made of wood, it’ll last for fewer years. Wood is highly susceptible to rot. It absorbs the moisture and becomes damaged sooner than any other fencing material. While you can coat your wooden fence with a sealant or paint, you’ll start to see signs of aging and rot after a few years. If your wooden fence has rotten excessively, there’s little that you can do to fix it. In that case, know that it’s time to replace your fence.

2.     Leaning Boards

Your fence is always exposed to the environment, whether it’s raining or snowing. Strong winds can also do a lot of damage to your fence. There’s not much that you can do to keep your fence protected from the environmental elements. One of the most common issues with fences is the leaning fence boards. If it’s just a small section of the fence, you can get it fixed and aligned. However, if most of your fence is leaning or out of alignment, you need to understand that your fence’s structural integrity has been compromised, and the next gush of wind might just rip the fence out. If you observe your fence boards are leaning way too much, you should consider replacing your fence right away.

3.     Split Boards

No matter what material your fence is made up of, the boards may crack and split over time. While it’s easy to fix small holes and cracks or replace some boards, if the entire fence has developed cracks, you know what you got to do – replace your fence.

4.     Wobbly Fence

If your fence wobbles when you lean over it, it has already lost its structural integrity, and no matter what you do to tighten it, it just won’t be as good as it once was. It also means that your privacy and security are now at risk too. To ensure the worst doesn’t happen, replace your fence right away.


A fence around the property isn’t just a decorative item, but it serves a greater purpose of making your property more private and safe. If you see any of the above-listed signs, you need to replace your fence at the soonest. To make sure your fence lasts the longest, only rely on reliable fencing professionals to get the job done right.

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