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With over 20 years of fencing experience you can rely on us for all your fencing project needs. We provide a professional new fence installations for residential and commercial customers.


Seeing as you’ve made your way here, we can safely assume that you’re based in Utah and are looking for fencing for your property! Well, your luck is in and you’re definitely in the right place!

As your local fence company, we understand that people seek out fencing for various different reasons. Sure, you may start out your journey thinking that a fence is just a fence. After all, many of us automatically pick out a fence purely because we consider it something that “people just have”, without putting much thought into why exactly we do need fences.

We can help to direct your journey, offering information regarding the different types of fences out there and highlighting the pros and cons of each style in regards to your personal needs and preferences. Rather than sticking up the first fence that comes to mind, we will ensure that the fence we install really does tick all of your boxes!

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We are experts at all things fencing. Trust us with all your fence project needs!


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The most common (and perhaps most straightforward and logical) use of a fence tends to be to establish and highlight boundaries. When you put a fence up, you make sure that people know that one space is distinct from another. When you purchase a property or land, you need to let others know that it is yours. Otherwise, you’ll end up with people trespassing and traipsing from one side of your outdoor space to another! This can prove extremely inconvenient, whether you have a small backyard space (you don’t want people walking over your carefully tended flowerbeds) or acres of land that you use for agricultural purposes (you don’t want people walking their dogs through your crops).


A second common reason to put up fences is for the sake of security. We tend to use fencing around our homes and our commercial spaces. In regards to your home, this is the space where you want to be able to kick back and relax. You don’t want absolutely anybody to be able to access such a private area. You want to be able to rest easy inside your home, knowing that nobody else can easily get near. In regards to commercial properties, chances are that you have a lot of valuable equipment lying about. You want to avoid allowing people access to this, as there are thieves out there.


We also tend to put fencing around our personal properties for the sake of privacy. Increasing numbers of us are opting to have homes with larger windows – perhaps even French doors or ceiling to floor glass sliding doors. It’s easy for people to see into these, so it’s not all too surprising that we want fencing to provide us with a little privacy. Sure, plenty of glass means our interiors are flooded with natural light and can prove to be more aesthetically pleasing. But it also means people can look in. Fences block their view. They also give us more privacy when we are simply spending time outdoors in our yards.


Last, but by no means least, we should consider the aesthetic value of fences. Fences can prove to be an extremely attractive addition to our spaces – whether private or commercial. Sure, we may not look twice at a basic wooden fence coated with a layer of brown varnish. But there are plenty of alternative types of fencing out there that can provide more visual impact. Iron fencing in particular can have decorative features and can be worked into particular shapes and forms. Some fences, such as picket fences, can serve a creative and decorative purpose.


As you can see, we are dedicated to ensuring that you only invest in fencing that will serve its purpose and provide you with absolutely everything that you need of a fence. But we offer so much more than advice alone!

Once you have settled on the type of fencing that is best fit for purpose, we will ensure that it is installed properly. So many people out there mistakenly think that fencing is a relatively simple task. Online tutorials make the entire process seem like relatively simple work. But when it comes down to it, installing fences that will stand the test of time – rather than blowing down at the first sign of wind – is actually a pretty complex task.

We are experts at residential and commercial fences and gates. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to ensure that your fences are steadfast, straight, and properly supported.

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