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Important Notice: We no longer offer concrete fences for residential customers. Commercial accounts only. 

Residential property? Consider choosing a SIMTEK fence for a concrete look! Learn more by clicking here.

Pre Cast Fence Styles

Explore our different concrete fence styles. Click on the photos below to view more of each style.


ashler concrete fence

Basket Weave

pre cast basket weave fence


castlestone concrete fence


cobblestone concrete fence

Dry Stack

dry stack concrete fence


durango concrete fence


giverny pre cast fence

Highland Arches

highland arch concrete fence


ledgestone concrete fence


paprazzi concrete fence


renaissance concrete fence

Salem Slates

salem concrete fence


concrete fence shiplap


stucco concrete fence


custom concrete fence

Why Choose a Pre Cast Fence?

The benefits of choosing cement fencing for your Utah commercial property or home include, but are not limited to:

Versatility – The variety of styles on offer is extremely good, including; seamless walls and tons of different looks and styles.

Easy to personalize – Pre Cast walls can be stained to match any design and look your are trying to achieve.

Suitability – Perfect for commercial or residential barrier. The look radiates class, style and luxury.

Eco-friendly – Pre-Cast is concrete based so no trees or plastic material is involved.

Security – Pre-Cast fences can withstand extreme damage, weather and corrosion. They are built to last far beyond any other style fence.

Reduced Noise – Concrete fences offer the best sound deflection if your property is against a busy road. This is the best solution to reduce noise.

Concrete Fence Company Utah

Concrete Fences in Utah are the classiest and most beautiful fence styles. (in our opinion!)

Pre cast concrete fences are used on many beautiful properties (such as LDS temples) or even residential homes that want an absolutely stunning perimeter around their home. They are great in commercial and residential applications, offer rock solid security and look amazing.

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