5 Tips for Pool Safety

5 Tips for Pool Safety

What is the most dangerous thing in your house? The answer might take you by surprise. It is the swimming pool. We understand why you have a look of shock. For many homeowners, a swimming pool is the perfect recreational spot. In fact, a house with a pool has a high resale value – since homebuyers show more interest in these houses.

So, what is supposed to be done with regard to increasing safety around the pool? Almost everyone will tell you to install a pool fence or cover. While these methods are a tried-and-tested way to ensure pool safety, there are some other strategies you should adopt – along with installing the pool fence and cover – to add more protective layers to your pool. Here is a list of some of such methods.

1. Keep the Deck Clean

The decking region is perhaps the most neglected part of the entire pool area. Homeowners don’t pay attention to cleaning the old leaves, debris, and other waste items sitting on pool decks. Unkempt pool decks are dangerous, which is why you need to clean your pool deck regularly.

2. Clean Pool Tiles

What comes to your mind when you think about regular pool cleaning? You might consider changing the water or ensuring that the surface of the pool is clear of all types of debris and other material. But have you ever seriously considered cleaning the bottom of the pool? If pool tiles are not cleaned regularly, they get covered in algae or other debris, which makes them very slick. This makes it difficult for you to grip the tiles and leads to a fatal drowning incident.

3. Install Pool Lighting

Many people love to access the pool after the sunset. This is because after a tiring day at work, the only free time they have is when the sky is covered under a thick blanket of darkness. Nighttime, as many believe, is not ideal for outdoor activities. This is because in the absence of any daylight, many people experience poor vision. So when you are in the pool at night, you may not be able to see, say, a sharp object at the bottom or other such things. This is why it is best to install pool lights to easily see what’s happening in – or around – the pool.

4. Pool Chemical’s Balance

The water in the swimming pool will actually turn hazardous if the chemicals in your pool are out of balance. To increase pool safety, it is essential to check the chemicals of the pool regularly.

5. Take Swimming Lessons

Regardless of how much time you are going to spend inside the pool, you should sign up for swimming lessons so that you know how to swim.


Pool safety is a big concern across America. The above-mentioned tips will help you creative protective layers around your pool and prevent any unfortunate incident.

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